Kayley (saloonperfume) wrote in thequestionclub,

Okay, so, you might recall I came here asking about how to turn in my two weeks notice. Well, I did it on Monday, and got a very understanding and appreciative email back from my head supervisor (apparently most people at this job don't even bother with the courtesy and just don't show up one day). So I'm looking at the work schedule today and they still have me scheduled for some 2-3 days after the end of the two weeks. I asked about it from one of the supervisors and he said that because the schedule had already been made a few days before my submission, I was still scheduled to work and that "two weeks notice" at this job doesn't actually mean two weeks on the dot unless it was a HUGE problem for me, that it wasn't official until the head supervisor filed the paperwork (whenever that would be; he didn't say) and that it would be really inconvenient for them if I didn't finish out the semester before 'actually' quitting, basically. 

Well, it's not that it's going to kill me to work a few more days, although this job has me on the verge of a breakdown and has for a couple years, and I mean...I'm hesitant to make a big fuss about it for fear of getting bad references, but I'm just kind of confused. I was under the impression two weeks meant two weeks, not until that schedule period is over. Idk, I'm a little irritated to be honest.

Is this how it normally works?

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