piscesoul (piscesoul) wrote in thequestionclub,

My dad discovered that I was seeking males from my facebook which I totally forgot about. I'm sure he had an idea I was gay but this made it official. My mom and dad we separated pretty much since I was a kind so I am not close with him at all. Me and my family weren't close at either even though we grew up together but as were getting older were trying to get that family bond back.

Well my dad didn't take my status to well, he basically said he could not condone me in the family anymore and basically banished me from the family. I thought it was sad but wasn't hurt to much by it since we were never really a family to begin with. He converted to islam and has a Islamic family he resides with now.

Anyway, my sister invited me for a beach trip at the beach but my dad is going to be there. One part of me wants to put family first and be cordial but the other side of me is kind of mad. I mean, my family knows what he did and I'm supposed to go to a family bike trip with him, the person who supposedly exiled me from the family? Something doesn't seem right.Also it will be very uncomfrtable for me and I'm sure he wants to confront me about it which I'm not ready for. I don't want to pretend like were a family I want us to be a family which is more then blood. I feel like I am comprising myself for my family, but then I feel like you have to do that sometime. What do you guys think? Would you go?

Edit: Thanks everyone for the advice and support. What I took from your advice was to consider my feelings in the matter, which I don't normally do, I was just going to do it for my sister and family but I decided not to go. My dad called me today and told me I can be with the family under one condition, don't ask don't tell. It was a slap in the face, but I have to be rational and know this is a pretty big step for my hyper religious militant father but I will never consider him family or my dad, just the man who fathered me if I must meet a condition but I will tolerate it to be with my real family and not cause a rift.
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