Helena Handbasket (iguanasdefuego) wrote in thequestionclub,
Helena Handbasket

I would like to make little pouches to put on the backs of my students's chairs to save desk space.

What do you think my cheapest option will be?

a) buying quilting fabric (I have a 40% of coupon if I buy in the next 2 days)
b) buying second hand children's jeans
c) buying those aprons from Home Depot (I'm not sure if we have one around here, though). Those are 77 cents, according to pinterest.

Relevant factor: I have 30 chairs that need pouches, though not necessarily all at once. The pouches need to be large enough to hold a standard paperback novel and have straps/strings to tie around the chair.

(EDIT) Why do you suppose a boxed set of The Hunger Games trilogy was $60 at Barnes and Noble but $31 at bn.com? There wasn't an online sale or anything, that was just the price.
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