saya_cintamu (saya_cintamu) wrote in thequestionclub,

iphone questions:

1. i downloaded an app to use gchat on my phone. i'm having a conversation with someone who just added me on gchat and they aren't coming up on my iphones app, nor is the conversation being directed to my iphone. i restarted my phone and he's still not a "buddy" on it. every time i try to add him it says "Error cannot connect to server." what is happening?! and more importantly can i fix this?
2. i just bought my phone last week and i'm getting a software update to get iOS 5.0.1. i've heard horror stories about software updates deleting all your contacts/pictures/etc, so i'm a little hesitant. should i just update it or ignore it?

dk/dc: what are your favorite ways to unwind after a stressful week?
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