Helena Handbasket (iguanasdefuego) wrote in thequestionclub,
Helena Handbasket

For the teachers:

Have you ever used a flipped classroom method? How did it go?

I am anxious to try it because I feel like I am held back by my students needing time to read the material for class (I don't have enough materials to send home with everyone to do as homework). I'd like to try giving them lecture at home and fun, hands-on stuff at school but I am also 100% terrified. I have students who have a lot of after school stuff, some students whose parents help them with homework and some whose parents don't let them do homework, and a few kids who don't have internet access (although a lot of them stay after school in the homework help program). It sounds like it could free up a lot of time for awesome learning in the classroom but I am so scared!
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