sweet_far_thing (sweet_far_thing) wrote in thequestionclub,

what should i do with my hair?

my hair is mostly my natural color (the dye has grown and out and been chopped off) and is currently a few inches below my shoulders. i can post new pictures if necessary, but they won't be entirely accurate as i've just woken up. (this means they will also be gross.)
my main problem is that my hair has got a really nice curl to it, except for the top layer. i've got a mix of corkscrews and some serious waves underneath, but the top layer is flat and frizzy and puffy and straight except for the tiniest hint of a wave. it mostly looks like it's been slept on.

should i perm the top layer? do people do that? i'd prefer to just cut it into obedience, if that's possible - like maybe the top layer is too heavy and needs some bulk taken out? i really just want it to be uniformly curly and very low maintenence because, though i may have good intentions, i don't have time to style it or the extra money to buy styling tools. i own only a straightener that i use on my bangs every day. (it's the only thing i know how to use, because my hair used to behave! sort of.)

due to my job, the cut needs to be either no longer than a few inches or long enough to put up, so no bobs or in-between cuts.

i have bangs like this, though my hair is obv no longer blue. don't pay much attention to the texture here..it was not only partially wet but severely damaged. because i shouldn't be trusted with bleach.

this is what it looked like about a year ago. i wear glasses like this every day. my hair looked like this because i had just taken it down after being up (and hiking) all day. (don't mind the awkward pose, it's a long story.) it always looks like this after i take it down but in five minutes, the top layer is flat again.

i've blurred out my face and my hair has changed a lot since this picture was taken, but i think you can tell how flat the top layer gets in comparison. my bangs are straightened, but i haven't touched the rest of it.

this is what it looks like short:

this is the most recent photo i have, taken right after i cut it a few months ago and before i cut in new bangs. a rare day when i sort of accomplished what i was going for. despite the shitty flash, this color is fairly accurate.

what does your hair look like? what's your daily routine?
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