Bridget (tea_fiend) wrote in thequestionclub,

Two questions for you today, TQC, although they may be a little hard to answer if you don't have regular access to small children.

1. Can anyone tell me anything about the specifically religious content of Rainbows (the too-young-for-Brownies thing)? Specifically in England, as I'm guessing this may differ by country. Do they outright teach Bible stories as fact? Or is it more just socialising with a bit of Jesus thrown in, or what? I tried their website and it was no help at all.

2. My niece (aged five and a half) has been coming out with some religious stuff recently (I don't know what precisely, this is just what my sister told me), and we're all a bit worried about this. We'd like her to learn how to think critically about things, religion included, rather than just accepting it because grown ups say it's true. Any advice on how to go about having a chat with her? If she were ten years older it'd be easy enough but none of the family really know how to broach this sort of thing with a five year old. Any stories of similar experiences of your own would also be greatly appreciated.
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