DawgDays (dawgdays) wrote in thequestionclub,

Suggestions for things to do in New Mexico?

Do you have strong personal recommendations for places, sights, events, to see/do in New Mexico?

I'll be vacationing in New Mexico for a couple weeks next spring - flying into Santa Fe, and will have a car. I expect to also head up to Taos and down to Albuquerque, and visit some pueblos, but at this point, the itinerary is pretty flexible.

I tend to like sightseeing and spots of historical interest. Art and authentic cuisine are also of interest. Technically nerdy and other offbeat stuff can be worth a look-see. I'm not a type to go to clubs and concerts.

Thanks in advance!

[I know I have two posts close together. It's late, and the community is slow, and if I wait until the morning, I'll just forget.]
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