a new reflection of a woman complete (newreflections) wrote in thequestionclub,
a new reflection of a woman complete


My cousin has requested a Despair.com laptop skin for Christmas. She told me to surprise her with which one. I turn to you, TQC, to help me to decide because they are all so funny.
I have it down to:
1. Destiny: You were meant for me. Perhaps as a punishment
2. Individuality: You are unique, just like everyone else.
3. Romance: Love is in the air, and its pooping on my head.

Important info: She is a newly wed, but would totally find the love ones funny. And she collects snowflakes, which is why I thought the individuality one would be nice. She works at a law firm, and her husband is a lawyer.

You can see them all here:

Whats your favorite demotivator of all time?
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