c_cutestory (c_cutestory) wrote in thequestionclub,


i have a droid optimus for virgin. lately when i go to send texts, the predictive text goes apeshit and will not let me simply type my text. for example, every time i try to type the word "to" i will type the two letters, press the space bar, and the predictive thing will put down "tok", "the" becomes "thet" ect. i have to go back and fix it every time. also, when i try to add punctuation, as soon as i press the period button for instance, it will get rid of the keyboard and go back to just the bubbles with my text in the entry bar, and then i will have to go back and add my punctuation. and finally, if i type whatever word i want and dont press space before i send it, that last word wont go through.

it was never like this before about a week ago. whats the deal? i dont see anything in the message settings to fix it. am i missing something? 
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