Naboom (plugmebaby) wrote in thequestionclub,

Im staying at my boyfriends for a month before we separate for a month++ of LDR. The problem is i canNOT stand his housemate. Hes 18 and parties every night which is ok until he wakes the whole house up at 3am on a Tuesday blasting his music while drinking with his friends. My bf cant really say anything because his housemates dad is the landlord and owner of the real estate agency, plus my bf doesnt have a problem w it. Only i do and im the guest and i dont have a say.

What would you do TQC? The way i see it i have 3 choices: (i) stay here and shut up (ii) stay at a good friends which means i wont get to sleep w my guy ;( or (iii) fly home early and begin our LDR earlier.

Ugh he is really pissing me off because i have a terrible migraine and was just looking forward to restful sleep! I just cant stand this dude!!! He is the most obnoxious brat ever. And i cant stand the fact that my bf will be living w him for another year yuck.

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