Jenn Van Den Boom (gracilejenn) wrote in thequestionclub,
Jenn Van Den Boom

My new dog Millie is very ill and the vet doesn't know if she'll make it. I want TQC to distract me, and I want to know if you'll tell me something that embarasses you?

I dated someone for a really long time and now he's a Juggalo. Even though he wasn't when I knew him, it still embarasses me.

Is it true if your hair is dyed, you can't get highlights on top of the color?

I'm moving to Alabama in a few weeks. How many bottles of this local wine I really like should I stock up on before I go? I'm thinking 2-3 cases.

Will you send some good thoughts Millie's way? The vet says if she makes it through the next 2 weeks, she has at least 9 months healing time before she feels better.

Edited to add a picture.
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