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TQC, I'm writing an anthropological fieldwork report. Our professor wants us to identify two major aspects of the evening; our syllabus says that this should consist of "observations and analysis about behaviors, interactions, and your own participation, reflections on the experience, analysis of quotes, and anything else of note" but she also said that this shouldn't be a "how I spent my summer vacation narrative". I'm so fucking confused by this.

This event consisted of two short talks and a social club style gathering. Although it was held in a church, it did not have religious overtones. The primary theme of the evening was to recognize people as individuals and not how they may or not be seen, labeled, and perceived by society through outward appearances or assumptions, which leads to ignorance, fear, and hatred. The primary goal of the event was to honor those who are victims of transphobia, especially those murdered through violence.

One interaction I found notable was towards the beginning of the evening, before the talks were given. A woman sitting near the back turned to me and gave this as her reason for attending: “All God’s children are created to be who they are. As a Christian woman, I feel that it is important to have open arms towards everyone.” In response, a transwoman who identified herself as having fully transitioned said: “It’s lovely to see people become more enlightened.”

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