Nikki (empress_nikki) wrote in thequestionclub,

I finally asked the guy I've been seeing/talking to/hanging out with for the last few months if we're just friends and if that might ever change and I'm still waiting for an answer and I'm pretty much in panic mode. How would you take your mind off of it? 

Change in interests- Let's say you texted a guy to find out if he's interested because you've been skirting around the issue for a while and you deserve to know if it's going anywhere (and this is after months of talking daily, hanging out, and generally being really invested in each other) and you've waited for more than an hour for a response when you know he isn't busy (because facebook) , what would you do? 

I mean, now I feel like this isn't going to end positively, but I'd still like to know, you know? Do I keep waiting? Text him again? Email him and ask why he insists on tormenting my poor, wounded soul? 
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