devo (losttheskyagain) wrote in thequestionclub,

Help me write things, TQC.

My mom has a second house and the renters are moving out, so she's giving it to me. The renters said they'd be out by November 10th. They said they had a place, but they apparently never looked at it before as they came to my mother and asked for an extension. Then they were supposed to leave December 5th. They found a place, repeat process. So my mother said they could stay til spring.

I understand the first extension, but my mother didn't even set a date this time. We fought about it because I could easily see this turning into a year or more, and I am NOT living with my mother that long. She said she'd set the date to January 30th on the condition that I give them this news.

How do I write this contract? I'm doing this in writing in case they try to pull a fast one on us. I'd like to be polite but firm.

tl;dr: How do I write a contract saying "renters, get out by this date"?
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