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male power

I went to thesaurus.com to search synonyms for power and when I scrolled down towards related words I found this:

Related Words
Main Entry: power
Part of Speech: noun
Related Adjectives:
male, able, able-bodied, adamantine, adequate, all-powerful, almighty, antaean, athletic, atlantean, bellipotent, brawny, broad-shouldered, buirdly, capable, cervicose, cogent, competent, cryptodynamic, cyclopean, deep-rooted, effective, effectual, efficacious, efficient, endothermic, equal to, exothermic, forcible, galliard, gigantic, hard, hardy, herculean, ignipotent, impregnable, in fine feather, in full force, in full swing, in high feather, in the plenitude of power, incontestable, indomitable, inextinguishable, influential, invincible, irresistible, like a giant refreshed, made of iron, manful, manlike, manly, masculine, maximious, mighty, more than a match for, multipotent, muscular, omnipotent, overpowering, overwhelming, plenipotent, potent, potential, powerful, productive, proof against, puissant, resistless, robust, rounceval, sinewy, sound as a roach, sovereign, stalwart, sthenic, stout, strapping, strong, strong as a horse, strong as a lion, strong as brandy, stubborn, sturdy, thick-ribbed, unallayed, unconquerable, unexhausted, unquenchable, unshaken, unweakened, unwithered, unworn, up to, valid, vigorous, virile, well-knit, wight, wiry, yauld

Why does male appear before any other word? The rest follow alphabetically.

I know traditionally power is associated with masculinity (bleh) but does the English language employ some sort of masculine/feminine distinction like French/German?

Power being 'manlike' is annoying enough.
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