Miranda (panda367) wrote in thequestionclub,

Books for teaching kids about Down Syndrome

Hey TQC!
So, this post starts off on a kinda sad note: my cousin and his wife found out a couple days ago that their daughter (due in February) has Down Syndrome and some pretty serious cardiac problems (which might necessitate open-heart surgery at 4-6 weeks after birth). From what we know, there's basically no family history for this, so its been pretty tough for the family. The pregnancy is going well in all other respects. They already have two daughters (ages 4 and 1) and they're obviously going to try and prepare the two of them (mainly the 4 year old, obviously) for the arrival of the baby, and were wondering if anyone knew about any good books appropriate for 4-year-olds about Down Syndrome. Any suggestions? Thanks, and if you want to keep the family in your prayers, that's awesome too.

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