ladyniko (ladyniko) wrote in thequestionclub,

Oven Cleaning Tips?

So, my landlord who is an awesome landlord to have, is having a new oven/stove delivered to me tomorrow and I have to clean my old oven.

Unfortunately, it's not a self-cleaning oven!

Any hints, tips, or whatever so I don't have to break my back cleaning it tonight when I get off work? (I won't get home until close to 10 pm from work tonight, I'm guessing, by the time I get dinner. :-p) I also don't want to use something super toxic and smelly because I have two cats and I prefer not to poison the atmosphere here. 

I'd like to have it sparkling clean so the recipient charity - Loving Hearts - can just either put it out for sale or donate it out right

DK/DC:  What's the plan for dinner tonight? (I'm planning on soup & salad at Gingham's in Ellisville.)
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