Ellis (l3antha) wrote in thequestionclub,

Which shears should I get?



They are the same price.

I have an interview at a salon next week, and I need a pair of shears NOW. I haven't worked in a salon in quite a long time, so all my pairs are dull and kind of rusty. :( I need a pair to last me through the interview process, and until my first paycheck--I am planning to drop my whole first paycheck on a high-quality pair of shears then, but I need something to hold me over for right now.

I can't decide which ones. I like the shape of B better (finger rests!), but it has that stupid blingy thing on the pivot point/adjustment screw. A is less silly, cleaner and more classic, but the design is quite rigid and not very ergonomic.

Would I look like a fool going into an interview with a pair of bling shears? I really want and need this job, so I want to be taken seriously. Pls halp me decide, TQC. :(

Edit: Also, the rubber in the finger holes can be removed. Basically, I am weighing the bling vs. ergonomics with these two scissors. Bleh.
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