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In search of toffee...

My mum has been getting all nostalgic for a certain type of toffee she used to like when she was younger, I'd like to get her some for Christmas if it still exists but I haven't been able to find any that matches the description she gave me, any help would be adored.

Liquorice and lime flavoured toffee, flat and square in shape, with a single stripe of green and black, possibly in a silver wrapper with a picture of a lime on the front. Available in the UK in the 70's, so probably not around any more but it's worth a shot. I've found loads of boiled sweets, and liquorice toffees, but nothing that matches this description. Anyone have any idea what I'm talking about? Or any idea if there's a comm or website I should try that deals with retro sweets?

Alternatively, what should I buy my mum for Christmas if these toffees turn out to be a figment of her imagination? She likes scary things, like horror stories/films, so something along the lines of an overnight stay in a haunted house, anyone ever done that? What was it like?
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