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Hypothetical. It's 2am Sunday morning. Let's say a roommate decides to invite a random stranger into your home at that time. The stranger was found sitting on the ground outside of a fast food restaurant with no socks or shoes. The stranger claimed they had been left there by their friends, they have no cell phone, no way of contacting that friend. That person is now sleeping on your living room couch courtesy of your roommate.

How would you handle this situation?

What do you say to the roommate?

Do you allow the stranger to continue sleeping on your couch?

Do you tell the landlord?

The roommate found the stranger outside of a restaurant shivering and sitting on the ground, they were instantly worried for their, and invited the stranger into your home because they're a kind person. They believe they are not homeless, although the dirty clothes, and no shoes/socks suggest otherwise. And because they could not get in contact with the friend or know of any shelters that would take this person in, they decided a last resort would be to let them sleep on your couch. There are a total of four roommates who live in this home, including the one who invited the stranger in.
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