sofriggencoolx (sofriggencoolx) wrote in thequestionclub,

Would you ever tell someone's S/O if they were hitting on you? How close would you have to be to either party?

I wouldn't say something to his SO because I've met her maybe once... but this (mildly attractive) religious man that I met at my church, and is twice my age seems to like facebook iming me an awful lot. At first I thought that maybe he was computer inept and just sounded creepy via IM.. but it's pretty obvious he's hitting on me, which I am not interested in at all. Tonight he kept trying to video chat me and told me it would be "our little secret" (complete with a winky face)... uhhh no. I feel bad for his gf though, because Im pretty sure Im not the only one he's creeped on and she's very pretty and nice.
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