Jac (majesticjac) wrote in thequestionclub,

Back story: I started running regularly, but had bad shoes. I didn't realize how bad they were. After a few weeks of running 3-5 times a week, my achilles tendon started hurting. I took a few days off, but the next time I went running, it hurt way worse, so I stopped running. Took some time off, went and bought good running shoes for my feet. It never hurts when I'm not running, so after a week of not running, I tried starting light by jogging, and after a mile, the tendon started hurting again (but not as bad as the last time it hurt). So I'm resigning from running to biking for now, but am wondering...

Q: Have you ever gotten a tendon injury from running/exercise? How long did it take for you to recover? Could this be really serious, long term, or permanent?
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