Adriana (0_adriana_0) wrote in thequestionclub,

waterproof cameras/underwater cameras

I'm curious about waterproof/under water cameras. I want to do an 'underwater' shoot - being a mermaid in my friends pool!  I talked to my friend who is a photographer & a camera pro & he said he wouldnt advise me to get an underwater camera because they are pretty shit - low quality etc.

However, he's a pro & I'm just doing the shoot for fun - so I'm wondering if I should just get a cheap underwater camera anyway ?  Is the quality so shit that the photos are actually fuzzy/blurry?

If you have any photos youve taken with your camera underwater please post them!  & please tell me ~how much the camera was / what model.

I'm going to be so sad if i cant do this shoot :(  
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