fried plantains (tostones) wrote in thequestionclub,
fried plantains

alright, dr. tqc. what's wrong with my back? at some point mid-day yesterday, i began to feel like i'd been hit in the back/left shoulder with a hammer. it hurts to move my arm very much (i yelled in pain last night when i accidentally moved it too much) and it hurts when i turn/twist my torso to that side. it also hurts when i roll my neck to that side, and if i bend down or take a too-deep breath. sometimes it hurts all the way through to my chest, so i'm thinking maybe it's ribs? i didn't do anything to it or get hit by anything, i haven't been sleeping in any weird positions, and i just don't know what's going on. i figured it'd go away overnight but no dice. is my rib broken? AM I GONNA DIE? any ideas?
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