Sadie (greeneyedsadie) wrote in thequestionclub,

As you all know, I'm undertaking this family photo scanning project. I'm almost done. I'm also not working right now (I'm still in the huge bureaucratic process to get permanent disability) and I've discovered something I can do that's productive and non-stressful. My mother suggested that after I'm done, I offer my scanning services on Craigslist for other people. I think this is an interesting idea.

My question to you, TQC, is this. How much should I charge per photograph? It takes me about 2 minutes to scan, crop, adjust and label a single photograph. Right now I'm scanning 40-50 pictures a day, and it takes me about 2-3 hours, but then again, I'm also doing other things at the same time, so I'm not concentrating on scanning 100%. How much would you pay someone to scan all of your old family photos?
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