thistlestickle (cadetsandkings) wrote in thequestionclub,

"Oregon" printed on clothing?

Hello TQC,

For Christmas my Dad asked us what we wanted; my girlfriend wants a cardigan, hoodie, or shirt with Oregon on it. (Like you know those kitschy state t-shirts? In the UK everywhere is fucking OBSESSED with Minnesota, like, come on guys Fargo isn't even in Minnesota so I don't know where it comes from. Last count there were three Minnesota shirts in New Look alone, wtf.)

The reason she wants one is that we were in Portland visiting family this summer (I'm not from Portland, I'm from Vancouver, I'll 'fess up)

So my question is: where can you get appropriately kitschy and awesome shirts/cardigans/hoodies with Oregon (either the word or the state shape) printed on them? Any good examples or links? NO UNIVERSITY GEAR PLEASE. We are not Ducks or Beavers fans in this house.

ETA: What about knitted jumpers (sweaters/pullovers) or your good experiences with custom embroiderers/companies which do custom embroidery?

DK/DC? What is your state bird or, if you aren't from the US, what is your favourite team sport to watch?
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