oldpinksatin (oldpinksatin) wrote in thequestionclub,

ok, i've googled extensively and haven't found exactly what i'm looking for and i didn't buy the exam guide so i figured this is the next best place to ask.

1) did you take the TEAS V for nursing school? i'm taking it tomorrow. i don't need it for all of my applications, and this will be my second bachelors, so i'm not too stressed about it, but i have no idea what the scoring is and i don't know if you're supposed to answer all the questions or not. i'm a naturally good test taker but i just want to know if it helps or hurts to try to answer all the questions.

if you don't care:
2) what do you think about Kim Zolciak and Kroy on Real Housewives of Atlanta? i love them together which kind of scares and perplexes me because all this time i kind of thought Kim might actually be a man. "DAMN DAT ASS."
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