stacey (groovyraspberry) wrote in thequestionclub,

For those who have/had restraining order violatations/reported a violation.

I am unsure how the process works, so any help would be appreciated.

If a restraining order was violated by a person coming to your place of employment, though they are forbidden to in terms of the order, what actions are taken next?

It was reported to the police, who came and gathered information from several witnesses (since the person had left by the time the police arrived.) They considered getting video surveillance, but opted not to since there was more than one witness present and willing to testify in court, as this is not the first time it has happened [more like 10-15 times - with one witness being able to verify most of them, the other witness, just to verify the current.]

What actions happen now? Do the police file a complaint with the court directly and then summons the witnesses? We are going down today to get a copy of the police report, but I was wondering if anyone could offer any insight before we go down and begin asking questions there. A little of "what to expect" out of the situation.

Thanks in advance!

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