xxamuse_me (xxamuse_me) wrote in thequestionclub,

Random, unrelated questions

1. How do get over my initial fear/anxiety of first time driving on the highway alone? I have my drivers license and all and have driven on the highway like a few times (w/ someone and with no traffic)
but the fear and anxiety of me driving alone on the highway freaks me out. The cars are go reallly fast and lane switching/merging at high speeds are very scary to me. Sigh I really would like to visit my friends without having to ask people to drive me (hate depending on people for that) or take the bus for such long distances.
2. [For the ladies] Do you feel like all the pain medication targeted towards period-related symptoms don't work? I feel this way..I took Pamprin max formula and it doesn't seem to work..like everything else. I just kinda want this back cramps to go away... but at least stomach cramps are gone for now.

DK/DC: What's your favorite cover of a classical rock song or any genre of your type?
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