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TQC, I've been asked by Dr. A, one of my favorite professors ever, to write a letter of recommendation for Dr. B, one of my other favorite professors ever, because Dr. A is nominating Dr. B for an award*. Dr. A asked me because I completed my undergraduate work at this school and am now back for my graduate degree. I said I would write the letter, and now I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing!

How exactly should I do this? I'm going to talk about what I have observed as a student through her classes and work within the campus community.

Should I mention how long I have known Dr. B? I've known her since my freshman year (2004) and I really respect her. She was my first adviser and I took several classes with her as an undergrad. She's actually the reason why I bit the bullet and applied to my MA program.

Is there something else I should do here? The letter doesn't need to be long, but I do need to have it turned in to Dr. A by Monday.

*The award is for those who go above and beyond to promote diversity on campus and in the community. It's a pretty big deal here at my school.
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