angiefaith (angiefaith) wrote in thequestionclub,

Hi everyone! Long time lurker, first time poster, etc. I've read in the rules that homework questions will cause you grief, but this is more of a survey, so I really hope that's alright. I have to interview British people for a project I'm doing at University (I'm Dutch). Obviously, I'm going out on the street and conduct actual live interviews, but I'd really love it if anyone over here could answer my questions too :)

So, is anyone British here and would like to fill out my survey?

Where are you from? (as in, which city?)
What’s your name, age, gender? (you don’t need to share this if you don’t want to)
Do you have an accent, and how would you describe your own accent?
Do you always use the same accent?
Has the way you pronounce English changed at all in the course of your life?
Do you feel that a person’s accent influences one’s judgment of that person?
Does the term RP mean anything to you? What about BBC English or the Queen’s English?
What kind of reaction do these terms evoke?
Do you have anything else to share that might be interesting regarding your accent?

Also, if anyone knows where else I could post this, that would be lovely!
Thanks in advance :)

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