Bridget (tea_fiend) wrote in thequestionclub,

Many questions I bring you tonight. Let's start with an easy one.

The moon looks about full. A bit below it and very slightly to the left of it is a bright light. It's not moving; I checked it when leaving my dad's and then when arriving home fifteen minutes later. Also does not appear to twinkle, so I am inclined to think planet. Tell me, TQC,

1. What is that light in the sky below the moon tonight?

Question two takes a totally different tack. I was rambling conversationally at my dad earlier, and happened to mention my personal theory that the whoever-the-hell-runs-the-world-in-your-conspiracy-theory-of-choice has a vested interest in keeping us scared of sex. Sure, there was the eighties, but now my generation seems to view AIDS as a standard STD that we avoid with the standard luck, prayer, and occasional barrier contraceptive. Fortuitously, we've been given chlamydia to keep us terrified of sex. The bit that surprised me was my dad turning round and saying that, actually, chlamydia was a pretty unknown thing until a decade or so ago. So question two has to be

2. When did you first hear of chlamydia? Amongst the gamut of lurgies in sex ed class? Sometime different? Do you worry about it more or less or equally compared to other plagues of the groin?

And a question three has to follow, because I'm unsure...

3. Is that whole "OMG the scary world is full of evil penis monsters of doom that will infect you with chlamydia and you will die!" thing peculiarly English, or do other parts of the world get equally vehement about its evils? For the sake of clarity, I should note that the emphasis around here is generally on the "you will die!" aspect, rather than the "omg penises!" part.

Question four requires very little backstory.

4. What have your responses been when someone (of the lover variety, not the family variety) has said the L-word? I'm particularly interested in what your response was if it wasn't "Ditto" - whether because you didn't reciprocate, couldn't get the words out, or whatever.

Question five may have backstory, but I can't be arsed to type it out, so on with the question!

4. Has erectile dysfunction ever played a part in your life, and if so, how?

And, last but not least,

5. Why is this cat convinced my hair is a monster that needs to be pacified?

EDIT: And a speedy edit, I hope; no email notifications of replies yet so I may have slipped this one in in time.

6. On the telly in the pub tonight, which I am led to believe was on a music channel, I could have sworn I saw Ron Weasley playing guitar and singing like he was in a boy band. Am I going mad, or is this an actual thing that really happens?
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