beautiful but slightly mental (yesterday_laugh) wrote in thequestionclub,
beautiful but slightly mental

Kind of important

Hi tqc! it's been awhile. This is kind of a weird post, but bare with me. Most of you know that last year a girl from this community stayed with me and stole $5,000 worth of things (including family heirlooms) as well as medication and other vital things.

I just got a notification from an anon that she is begging for money again. this is her account and was also found. It's clearly begging for money. I KNOW for a fact she's fine and living with her mom. We actually received $100 from her yesterday, and now I just found that this might be other people's money.

As for my question. Has anyone seen any of her begging posts around and could link me? I'm not active on livejournal any more and really need some help. I need the posts because I'm going to call the police in the morning.

Also, what else can I do? Would livejournal be able to shut down her account? Can you help me spread the word that she is NOT in need? It makes me sick how much money she's raising.

Thank you.

ETA she wrote

I know she stole from freakshownia and tried to steal from highplaces.

I notified paypal. thank you for all of your support.

oh and

She does have a bad home life, but she just sent me a hundred dollars yesterday. If she is in such a need of money, why is she sending me money when she didn't send money for about 5-6 months.

after sleeping on the entire situation I realized that I should not be taking this to the internet. I was just worried, wanted to alert people and get help getting all the links. Thank you to those who helped me compile them. I spoke with my parents and we are going to do what we thinks is best. This entire situation just kind of blew my mind and I acted impulsively.
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