my heart is a fiery pomegranate (_remains) wrote in thequestionclub,
my heart is a fiery pomegranate

What's this movie?

When I was a kid there was this movie that scared me to death and I need help remembering its title.

The boy in it went on an errand or something and fell down a big hole in the forest and when he woke up his family had moved and no one knew him. Later he's an adult and his family comes and finds him and his younger brother is older than him and they tell him he's been part of an alien experiment or something. He then has the choice to live knowing he was part of this huge experiment/conspiracy or else go back to when he was a kid and live his life like it should have been, but if he did that he'd always know it was false.

i asked this here about a year ago and forget what you guys told me so i'm asking again. THANK YOU
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