longlongwaytogo (longlongwaytogo) wrote in thequestionclub,

Renting a House

I'm looking to rent a house, and I found the perfect one. I mentioned to a friend that I probably don't have much chance because a couple applied for it as well, middle aged and so probably more financially stable than me (even though I can afford this place).
The friend said that I had a chance to negotiate with the agent so that I did have a chance. Even though it's just like, you go in, look at it for 10 minutes (the inspection sessions are only 15 mins) and then get an application form while the agent is on the phone.

Is there any way that I could have 'negotiated' this? I dressed nicely and professionally (nice blouse and hair and not my ratty old handbag, etc), and I acted enthused about getting the place (because I was). Any thing else I could have done, for next time, if I don't get this place?

Can you tell me how you've decorated your rental properties? (when you're not allowed to paint).
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