Bad_lcuk (bad_lcuk) wrote in thequestionclub,

Hi tqc
Due to have to get all four of my wisdoms removed, as well as some other jaw surgery + complications, i will not be able to open my mouth wider then about an inch for at least two weeks, and have been instructed to avoid using my front teeth to 'tear' or 'chew'. As I understand it, wisdom tooth removal means i cannot eat small things that are hot, nor will fall in to the holes like rice, seeds, ground beef, etc...but because of everything else i have to eat more soft foods for a longer time then id like. I also cannot 'suck' things like hard candies or chocolate in the case that i 'bite down' said my dentist.

So far on the list of things to eat i have: blended soups (squash, tomato, mushy peas soup, blended cauliflower and cheese, broth, etc), puddings, sorbet, jello, juices and soy milks, smoothies, mashed up bananas, apple/fruit sauces, scrambled egg, licking peanutbutter or jam off a spoon...can anyone give me any more ideas for foods that dont have small bits in them (like lentils) or things that require me to open my mouth a substantial amount (like popsicle?). Even if you have kinds of soups that would be fun to make thats great! I also cannot eat dairy :(

If no, hove you gotten any dental surgery done before?
Do you think i could eat french onion soup without the cheese top/crouton part?
How did it go? How was your recovery? Where you prescribed anything? :)
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