You can't have sex with "I love you" (isitirony) wrote in thequestionclub,
You can't have sex with "I love you"

TQC.... I come to you in search of some much needed objective advice, which I have received from you in the past.

I am in dire need of change. I'm from a small northern Manitoban town and I will be 23 years old in December. I've pretty much done nothing with my life up until now. I have no savings even though I work two jobs to afford living on my own, and I have little motivation to go to university because I have a hard time focusing in school. I have debt, a vehicle, a cat, an apartment.... Up until now, I've made some poor choices that have done nothing for me.

I have all sorts of ideas, but I really need to lay something out and I'm quite terrible at planning. I really don't know anyone in the major cities or areas. My mom is terrified of me moving somewhere where I don't know anybody, but she's willing to help if I can show her something solid.

My questions are... What are my options? Where can I go? Where should I go? What can I do?

I've really never been anywhere. The furthest I've gone from home is Portland, Oregon with a friend.

How can I get a job in another province without really having an education? I have some work experience, related to clerical work and the mining industry.

How do I get a place to live?

Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Halifax?

Right now I'm just looking to find something different. Even if it's waitressing or telemarketing to make ends meet. What kind of cities would you recommend based on places you've been and gained something from?
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