Adriana (0_adriana_0) wrote in thequestionclub,

Song title

I know there is a community for this sort of stuff but just checking here first :)

I'm after the name of a 'song' ~ its mostly talking but it does have some more lyrical bits in it.

A lot of it is talked, and its about the idea of the one you love being 'somewhere out there'... which i tried searching but didnt see anything.. and 'somewhere' is a popular song title..

it starts off talking about how if you rush up to every corner you wont find him because he wont be there, he will be somewhere.  Its a bit of a comedic song - one bit is about how the current boyfriend took her to the family house and got out the family snaps as you do and theres the pic of the parents and of the family doggg and ops one of the 2 kids and the wifeee...
and then he says he wants to be with her so lets you and me babe go somewhere else just you and me no one else lets go. (she replies: what just you and me? no one else is coming?). and then goes on about how she should give up her nice car and nice job etc.. then it goes back to the chorus of ~somewhere out there, somewhereeee

any ideas?  :)

thanks <3
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