Love's the only engine of survival (ms_elusive) wrote in thequestionclub,
Love's the only engine of survival

Movie question!

My friend is trying to remember what film this is.

-Kids' film c. 1980s.
-There was a girl in her bedroom and she had all sorts of cuddly toys which in reality lived in a world on the other side of the mirror. She went through the mirror and there was an evil queen to be defeated. At the end of the film the queen was trapped under a falling cage of sorts.
-When she tries to remember the film, words that spring to mind are "munchkins" and "heffalumps" but she knows it's not "The Wizard of OZ" or "The Heffalump Movie"

She's 25 and Scottish if it helps.


EDIT: It's live action rather than cartoon, but probably with puppets.

Thanks to imaget, we now know that it is The Hugga Bunch Movie.
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