Chérie (lutine) wrote in thequestionclub,

I'm trying to think of a couple more holiday-centric activities for my advent calendar! I need one more "family" activity and two more "couple" activities for my husband and I when the little one is at his dad's house. Any ideas?

Make reindeer food
Make thumbprint Christmas lights
Visit Santa Claus
Go on a field trip to the local British grocery to get Christmas crackers for my British ex-pat husband
Shopping for decorations
Deck the halls!
Make an ornament
Surprise Disneyland trip!
Buy a tree
Decorate the tree
Hot chocolate date
Go to a Christmas store and buy a special ornament
Wrap gifts!
Bake cookies
Decorate cookies
Take family photos
Drive around to look at lights
Pop popcorn and watch a Christmas movie
Celebrate Solstice
Unwrap a book to read
Wear new jammies to bed

I have two "maybes" - go ice skating (but the little one is only two and my guy hates it, so probably not...) and possibly drive up to the mountains to see snow, depending on the weather.
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