Kirstenisobel (allyraito) wrote in thequestionclub,


Let's say you live with three other people. Dishes accumulate pretty rapidly.

Let's say there has been a pasta pot (is that what it's called? mmm!) that has been unwashed for a few days and is lying in the sink (you are not the one that originally used it). Tired of waiting for the person to clean it, you use it (RINSING IT OFF A LITTLE BIT BECAUSE YOU ARE LAZY), unwashed, and then stick it back in the sink.

Should you be the one to wash it ?

*EDIT: Just a note! I guess I gave the impression that the thought of washing it never occurred to me. Yes, it did, but there have been a lot of times I did everyone's dishes and was basically met with a "you missed a spot" kind of reaction, prompting me to not want to do anyone else's dishes ever again.
After cleaning the kitchen and doing the dishes and making it beautiful, I made myself food. I left some food on the counter so I could eat it later. My roommate came in and just said "Put your food away". This is why I don't want to do her dishes.
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