be gentle (treesits) wrote in thequestionclub,
be gentle

I cracked the screen of my iphone. The options so far are:

- wait a few weeks for an ebay $15 diy kit, take the chance the repair doesn't work = cost of new phone. I'm fairly confident with my fixing skills but don't want to wait that long.
- get it repaired locally, cost is $150. not sure of risk if it's further damaged
- buy a new phone through my mobile provider. According to apple, that will cost me $199. I call bullshit on that because brand new, it's $550 on their website.

What would you do? I think I'm leaning towards the local repair dude...
Do you have any other options?

Thanks club.

edit: This phone was an upgrade with a new contract signed in February of this year. I'm not elgigble for another for quite some time.
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