Liz (bpddjeoomon) wrote in thequestionclub,

You know the metal cap/loop part that sits on top of the neck of a tree ornament, where you attach the hook? What is that part called? I have a bunch of ornaments that I'm planning on using this year but that top part is bent or the wrong color, so I want to buy some replacements, without needing to purchase a ton of ornaments to just throw out or not use. Anyone know their name of those things or where I could find some?

I know this seems really early, but I plan my tree really early in case a particular decoration turns out to be hard to find (which seems to happen every single year, bleh!)

UGH, of course the second I post this I find them! Hahaha. So, new question:  Anyone have a REALLY good hummus recipe?  I can't seem to make decent hummus and I can't figure out why.
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