Snu (owl_eyes_4ever) wrote in thequestionclub,

1. When was the last time you found out someone liked you and it totally surprised you? Why?

2. How often do you drink and/or get drunk?

3a. What is your favorite TV show, if you have one?
3b. Are you looking forward to the return or premieres of any other shows?

for me....
1. Just today. A guy I met at a recent party and spoke to only a little was apparently instantly smitten by me. Our mutual friend told me later, and I had no idea.
2. Almost never. The last time I drank was at that party, and i only got a bit buzzed, since I had to drive home by myself and couldn't be out super late, plus it was far from my house. I've only been truly drunk a handful of times, and after the last time turned out to be one of those horrible embarrassments you regret the next day, I'll be a lot more conservative with what I take in.
3.  Right now it's The Walking Dead. Looking forward to the return of Mad Men and the release of Legend of Korra, as I was very into Mad Men during the last season and I was a big fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender while it was still fresh. If Korra is as good as the original Avatar series, oh man :B I won't be able to handle the weekly wait.  It's bad enough with TWD. Oh, and I'm thinking I should check out AMC's new show tomorrow, Hell on Wheels. What little of AMC's programs I've seen so far I have greatly enjoyed, so...

edit* Also, House used to be my favorite show (I bought Season 5 on DVD and watched it in two days, it helped me get through some dull school projects), but it's gotten too dramatic lately for my tastes.
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