snow goddess (yukinomegami) wrote in thequestionclub,
snow goddess

Q1:Computer Science. Q2: Music players.

Has anyone had any benefits from joining ACM? (Both online and offline)
Yes, I know the advantages of buying a membership, but I wanted to know from someone's experience.
Also, could you tell me some about your Computer Science background, your goals, and how ACM links with these two?

I have a really small hard disk drive on my laptop, but I have a lot of music. I was thinking about buying a iPod to transfer all my songs there, and delete them from my computer, so I can have more free space there, however, if you delete the songs from your computer, your iPod library will adjust to the changes (delete such songs from the iPod as well) once you connect it to the computer again.

So I was wondering, what music player would work for me?
I have about 15 Gigabytes of music right now.

Thank you.
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