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What happens when two substances collide


Hey guys! Housemate question time!
So I have a roommate who is possibly one of the most wasteful people I know. He bought a frozen family-size lasagna a long time ago and baked it in his own Pyrex dish. He ate one serving of it, offered it to the me and our other housemate, and put it in the fridge. I had one helping of it, he ate some more of it the next day.
Fast forward to at LEAST a month later. The dish is still in the fridge, half-filled with moldy lasagna. I ask him to clean it up and am met with an indignant response of "I figured you guys had eaten it and cleaned it already!" He grumbles about it and I have to nag him for several more days.
Instead of cleaning it, he threw the entire thing, dish, lid, and all, into the trash bin.

I want my own set of Pyrex. Should I:
a.) retrieve, clean, and keep the dish? or
b.) buy my own set? or
c.) other!

And if I keep it, how do I claim the dish as mine? Should I tell him immediately that I cleaned it and plan to keep it, risking several months of Bitchy Defensive Housemate, or wait to tell him I've claimed it until I move out in May?
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