Wily as a coyote (fourcorners) wrote in thequestionclub,
Wily as a coyote

What's the creepiest?

Hearing the door move in your room in the middle of the night when you know you're alone
You take a shortcut down an alley. Midway through, you notice there's a mime about 20' behind you. Is he following you? You reach the main street and notice he's still behind you
Your shower drain is clogged. You fish out the hair that's blocking it. It's a handful of really long, red hair. Really long, like 2'.
Your doorbell rings at 2am. You shamble out of bed to check. It's a small child in a white sheet. "Trick-or-treat", she says. Halloween was days ago
You get a text in the morning that says "I'll be in the red car. Look for me". It's from a number you do not recognize. As you go to work/school, you do notice a red car with tinted windows moving slowly down the street towards you. It follows you
You watch a zombie movie at home, where the dead claw their way through a wall. The clawing sound they made as they dug was distinct. As you're brushing your teeth later, you swear you hear a similar sound coming from outside
You're eating at a restaurant, when you notice someone outside the window, staring in your direction. 10 minutes later, he's still standing there. You call over the manager, but the man is gone, but he returns when the manager leaves, stares more
You're at a shoe store. You suddenly hear a bloodcurdling scream from the next aisle. Suddenly, the power to the building shuts off. It's now pitch black
You wake up to find a camera tripod set up right above your bed. The camera is not attached
Your home is broken into. Nothing's missing. However, sitting on a table is a small statue that you've never seen before. A statue of a smiling demon
Your fortune cookie says "Leave this instant. Run to your car as fast as you can. Your life depends on it"
You get a text that says "Do you believe in ghosts?". It's from an unfamiliar number. When you try to show someone the text, it's no longer on your phone
You watch a strange, convoluted video you got from a link on LJ. After the video concludes, you get a text from an unknown number. The text says "Seven days"
You hear a small child say to his mom "why's that big scary man following him/her (referring to you)?" The mother says there's no one there behind you, but the child keeps saying "You don't see him? He's really big and angry looking"
At the supermarket, you see an old man/woman who's wearing the same exact outfit you are. Same height, even the same hairstyle. Sort of looks like you too. He/she looks at you and smiles sadly and leaves before you can approach
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