Molly ღ (x3_molly) wrote in thequestionclub,
Molly ღ

i probably ask too many school questions. sorry :\

I'm writing my paper (for those of you who remember my earlier post, I didn't get an extension, I'm just pushing through and doing it, yay!) and I have a pretty big question about citations. We're supposed to use APA style.

In my paper, I am quoting someone, but it's not from any "source," really, it's merely from a conversation (erm... interview, kind of) that I had with him. He knew that he was being asked questions and would be used in my paper, it's not some random thing and I decided to use a quote. I, of course, introduced him the first time I used his name (i.e., John Smith, director of ABC Libraries, explained to me that blah blah blah.).

Do I need to cite him in a works cited page?

Thanks, TQC!

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