Because I'll sleep when I'm dead !!! (ptc555) wrote in thequestionclub,
Because I'll sleep when I'm dead !!!

I dyed my hair pink for Halloween using Manic Panic. I regularly work on a freelance basis so I figured I could just hang out with funky hair for a while until it fades, but now I've been called in for a job interviews on Thursday. It was really unexpected because I applied for the job two months ago. The thing is...the job is a really far commute for me, so I don't REALLY want it...but if they offered a job for me I wouldn't be able to say no.

Now, what should I do with my hair:

- Just leave it the way it is?
- Wear a wig?
- Buy brown hair dye and cover it?
- Bleach it?

The problem is I really like the way it looks so it would suck to have to dye it brown if I don't end up getting the job.

Also, the job IS for a more creative-type position so it's possible they wouldn't mind it being pink.
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